Monday, November 7, 2011

Transformation of the Master Bedroom...

Ok... first... this is what it looked like.

A disaster, I know... Embarassing... I'm still a bit shocked that I took a picture, let alone posted it... not to mention..kinda glad all of you are getting to see it! Maybe I really am loosing my mind! Now... this room really was a disaster.. in fact.. I kinda just.. didn't want to do it... My girls helped me... I couldn't get them to play in their room.. they WANTED to help me... okay fine. The beds were moved to the living room, then their room earlier in the day... and trust me, what was under those platform frames... was worse than whats visible in the picture... scary, I know.

How did I do it? I swept it into a giant pile! Because Korean law makes us literally sort and recycle... everything... I sat down, and the girls helped me put everything into seperate bags.. i swept up the crumbs and all the little tiny things and put them into a regular garbage bag!... This is what it looks like now...

Big difference huh? I've done a few things sense I took the picture.. and I am hoping to get the bed from the store room in their tonight, or else I will be sleeping on the couch tonight! I came to acceptance with that before I started the whole project though... sense hubby is out of the house.. it's just me to worry about ( and I could always just go crawl into bed with the girls, after all they do that with me).

Woot.... I got the bed in there tonight! No.. the storage room is NOT clean yet... but well... I really didn't want to sleep on the couch... not sure why sense the bed is a brick... but well.. it didn't feel like a bedroom without a bed!

What do you think? I think it looks really darn good... lots of clutter to take care of... lots of it... but that will be tomorrow or the next day.. I am taking the last hour or so before I call it a night, off... I am exhausted... Sadly I didn't do my normal daily chores! I am going to skip them tonight though.. yes, that means I'll be doing some of them twice tomorrow... but I shall live, but if i get a boost of modivation before I crash, I'll load the dishwasher, I did at least empty it this morning.

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