Monday, November 28, 2011

Over 400 pageviews.... wow...

That is all I have to say... wow... the MPM bit has helped a lot on the traffic, but still!... As for cleaning goals... I am no where where I wanted to be as of when I started this, but I will say this...the house looks a heck of a lot better than it did before I started this blog! I have a few baskets of laundry I need to fold from last night.. and a few pots and pans to wash up and a bit of decluttering... but otherwise... the living room are presentable... and that alone is a big step for our family/house!

As for the bigger goals... our room back tracked a tad, I really need to get on it this week! It is mainly due to the "grab and stash" from Thanksgiving... Same with the storage room.. a lot of it will be pulling it out and finish grabbing the stuff that needs to get out of there! The third big thing.. is my kitchen... not cleanliness... but organization! I need to pull everything and I mean EVERYTHING out of my cabinets and put it back in a different order.. I have a game plan of where everything will go... I just need to do it.... but there always seems to be more pressing items on the agenda!

Our Christmas tree got decorated on Friday... now we just need to make and add the homemade ornaments with the kids! I have a couple plans for that but am always up for suggestions! We do have all the family presents for Xmas and for my youngest's birthday... including stockings stuffed for the kids... a solid chocolate Santa, a M&M candy cane thingy, some mini candy canes... a barrel of monkeys, and 4 small play dough containers... mind you that's for one kid...I am impressed, they have left the wrapped Xmas presents alone sense I started the store room ( they were sitting out here because I didn't want them ruined in the process of everything getting moved around!) and so we left them under the tree when we put it back into place!  I do still need to pull out the snowmen grandma sent me last year... after I told her we weren't doing Xmas( we had just moved here and just weren't up for it due to everything that had happened... we still did a few presents just no tree or anything like we are doing this year). Where I just rolled my eyes last year, this year I am very glad she sent them sense she passed away this summer. I miss her but she was suffering so I am glad she is finally able to be at rest, she is part of my motivation to doing this, I know she always kept me in check... and now that she is gone, I needed to do something other than sulk around! I do miss calling her, I even miss her giving me hell as she did so very often!

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