Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I fell behind..

Ok.. I will sadly admit to it, I fell behind... big time... apparently, when the husband is home, any resemblence of cleaning goes out the window! He was on a 4 day weekend and we did next to nothing! So I am sure you all can imagine what my house looks like at the moment...

On a positive note.... we did do some laundry! Some folded and put away! There is some still in the washer and dryer ( need to empty the dryer... its towels and blankets so it SHOULD be quick and easy to get that taken care of... might even give me the modivation boost I so badly need... My husband has been home 2 weeks now... and my house is in utter chaos! What is worse... I have guests coming over in 2 days and again in 4 days!!!!!  In all technicalities..I shouldn't probably be typing this!  On the upside, he isn't coming home for lunch today so I can't use that as an excuse for an interuption.. I don't plan to clean to the point of exhaustion.. my goal today is to get my kitchen and laundry cought back up... a lot of it is garbage.. more recycling... the system I had in place is only so good and I've been at a loss for the extra alternitives I needed once the tiny cans were full... I think I have it.. now just to get cought up and implement it! Well, I shall update as time goes on!

Well.. its not done yet... its 5pm not quite done with the kitchen but it should be better by bed time... kicking the hubby back into the store room to finish removal in there once were done eating dinner...  at least I won't be able to say that today was a complete loss!

Well dishes are caught up, hubby is about to run out the trash, tomorrow is scrub, organize, pick up... won't be fun... but it has to get done!  It is late here, almost forgot to update so I need to crash out if I have any hopes of getting anything done tomorrow!

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