Monday, November 28, 2011


Ok, So I forgot to post this up last night, you know, my Sunday night... so... here I go!

Monday- Crock pot chicken that is going to make tacos... other than salsa and a bit of cheese I don't know if we will have anything else in them

Tuesday- Left over beef stew, yes... I never used it the other time I had it on my menu!

Wednesday- Chicken and rice casserole... basically chedar cheese soup, cream of something soup, rice, chicken and probably broccoli with a bit of cheddar over top!

Thrusday -Turkey carcus soup... I plan to actually make a rather big batch and freeze individual portions in the tupperware set i got on black friday... Basically going to trim the fat off the bird then boil it all for a few hours.... get a good stock going and then pick off the bones and let it cool to skim the fat, add mixed veggies and cook some noodles and rice and make about half each noodle and half rice should be good

Friday- Random, whatever I feel like cooking...

Saturday- left overs

Sunday- eat out/shopping

So there you have it... Our week of dinners...Things many move around, obviously Monday is being followed because it is already in the slow cooker!

Menu Plan Monday is brought to us by orgjunkie! Thank you for giving us such a great way to connect!

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