Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 11... Hubby is home!

Ok... This is my way of keeping on task.. or at least trying to today!

  • Bathroom wiped up..still need to do the floor but I think I'm gonna ask the hubby to do it.. sense I hate that floor!
  • So far I have the sheets in the dryer ( should buzz any minute) and the comforter in the wash... Will make as they get done... Need to fold the girl's clothes from last night... will be doing that once I am done here... 
  • Started a mini mani/pedi in the shower... I need to finish it.. AFTER I finish the dishes... Also went back to my "Husband is home" grooming ritual... I'm not sure about you other ladies... but it is really nice to take a break every once and a while from the primping... even though I do the minimals...

My cat is grumbling at me... She loves being in the bed, and sense I changed the bed and got a comforter instead of just a blanket.. I've caught her several times UNDER the blankets... when I am not even in or near the room.. I think its adorable... but shes currently sitting at the bottom of the couch, she really is quite the character.. and after all of my bad experiences trying to adopt an animal and even buy out here, it really is wonderful to have found one that fits into our family so beautifully!

Mama Kitty (aka Mama) she is roughly 5 years old... we have had her around 3 months... fairly sure she was a shelter cat at one point.. she has some battle scars as well.. but great with everything other than the other animals.. fish are her TV and the bird is a toy!

Her old favorite spot... on top of my pillow... I will soooo take in the blankets over on my pillow any day!

Things to do still...

  • Finish up the kitchen
  • Mop/sweep
  • Coffee table
  • Errands
  • Pick up living room... again.. it really is a constant with the two kids!
  • Make our bed
  • Finish Mani/pedi!
  • Tonight I need to take out the garbage... or at least the food and some of the recyclables! 
In theory... other than the errands and the mani pedi.. it should all take at max of an hour if I can bare down and do it! ... I really hate being motivationally challenged and a procrastinator at heart!

Ok.. no procrastionation involved... I was on the way home from doing my errands... and my husband was heading home!!! 3:30... wasn't expecting him until around this time ( 7.. almost 8) So.. all cleaning has gone out the window... on the good news... his uniforms were already clean! ( I have to hang them... tomorrow). Kids are done eating.. our steak is warming up... Drinking a Jack n Coke... no we normally don't drink when they are awake, but a glass of wine or a single mixed drink/beer with dinner kinda things.. you know.. to prime the engine! So.. we are enjoying our night.. everything got put on the back burner for when he works tomorrow.. say for trash which we will take care of after the kids go down...

On the other hand, he needed his hair cut... and the beauty shop is right next door so the eldest and myself went and got manis together! her first time... she seemed to enjoy it and I am rather sure that the lady didn't charge me for her... so cool... Regardless.. it is time for me to go cook some steak and get the kids in their pjs... hubby doesn't work till later than normal so were gonna make it a long night!

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