Monday, November 7, 2011

Menu Plan Mondays... Lets give this a try...

I've heard great things about MPM... It really is a great system... my problem, I am a very, very random person! I tried to give this a small go last week.. but things... as you can see, have been rather busy around my home.. I did make a handful of the meals but I didn't stick to my plan.. BUT I did save a lot on groceries! So this week I am going to give it a shot in earnest... Sense my time is ahead of most of yours by quite a bit... it is Monday night here... so lets start with Tuesday... I will plan till Monday of next week, but I just might over right it come Sunday... Hope you followed all that!

Tuesday- Grilled cheese, whole wheat bread and dipping it in the spaghetti sauce I opened tonight, unless I manage to find some Tomato soup while cleaning the store room.

Wednesday- Crock Pot Beef Stew... basically, throwing in some cooked, ground beef from my freezer ( Thanks Nony!) Toss in a bag of mixed veggies and some beef stock/broth or water with some bullion... let it cook... I have errands this day so I will already be tired and wont want a whole list of things to do when I get home.

Thursday-  Quiche... I want to practice making the crust myself for when my hubby gets home, it's one of his ambrosia foods... tuna, spinach, cheddar cheese and your basic quiche egg mix.

Friday- Grilled Chicken, Corn, Brown rice... this is not one of my kids favorites... but I like it, and I'm trying to shed a few lbs!

Saturday- Pan fried fish ( not sure what kind it is in my freezer.. but it has been in there for quite some time) with some colored-buttered egg noodles ( or at least attempt to color...)

Sunday- Pasta spirals with tomato sauce and pre-made( store bought) meat balls... this has been a sort of a homemade version of a chef boyrdee kind of thing, the kids, husband and I all like it.

Monday- TBD or Fridge clean out... Pay day is on Tuesday so its a nice time to clean up left overs and random bits of ingredients.  Perhaps take out if I need to catch up on things, hopefully not.

Lunches will primarily be left overs or throw together bits... breakfast is typically cereal here..

I am linking this to Menu Plan Mondays from "I'm an Organizing Junkie". Thank you Laura for such a great place to start the idea of getting my meals organized as I work on getting the rest of my house organized. Everyone... Her site has some GREAT tips.. on not only MPM but a LOT of things! Please take a look!


  1. I love making ground beef in my slow cooker -- it's the easiest way!

  2. Getting into a routine with menu planning takes a little effort, but it really does pay off. I save a lot of time and money. I can't imagine not doing it. Stick with it and I bet you'll really start enjoying it too!

  3. Welcome to meal planning, blogging and homeschooling :). Such a mom thing to do to start everything all at once! Good luck!

  4. Thank you ladies! I hope your right, and yes.. all at once. Didn't even mention that HOPEFULLY I'll be able to nix my nicotine addiction... talking about saving some money.. even if they are cheaper here than the states! I figure it all goes hand in hand... Clean air, clean house, healthy diet, exercise... all things my family and myself need... things I have been putting off for ages..the smoking I don't truly want to nix... but its one of those, I know I need to things... As for the homeschooling, it's more unschooling at this point in the adventure, a small amount of structured math and phonics, that she repeats and practices on her own thankfully... shes trying to teach her sister I think!

  5. welcome to the blogging world. i love the idea of grilled cheese dipped in pasta sauce. what a great way to use up the rest of a jar. i like your blog and im looking forward to reading it! i only have one thing i didnt like..the font, it was kind of hard to read. i recommend arial or georgia font. other then that great job! menu planning is addicting. i look forwar to planning every week.
    Here is a link to my Menu Plan/Question of the week
    I would love if you stopped by to check it out
    Enjoy your week:)

  6. im glad you changed the font. so much easier to read. i also suggest putting up a feedburner subscription box:) that way people can subscribe via email. right now i have u bookmarked so i can check out some of your other posts. and a facebook page is also a good idea to chat with your readers.

  7. Sounds good.. As I'm sure you can tell, I am new at this! I am pretty good at facebook though, so I will work on making a page!. Thank you, I'll see if I can get the feed burner bit.. gotta find it first lol. ( and yes, I just liked the old font, thats why a few of the bigger things are still in it lol)

  8. i like the old font too:) for the stuff you left in for
    it was just too hard to read all at once.
    your doing a great job!