Monday, November 7, 2011

My Messy House... as of today...

Ok.. I have done some cleaning already... but then I realized something... none of you have any clue of what my house looks like... and that I really do mean that its messy! (And I promised a pic of the bathroom) Some of this is clean and disorganized... some of it is clean and mostly organized... and then theres dirty to the core and the clutter nightmare... So.. here goes the embarassing pictures... hopefully during the next week I will be able to post more pictures of better rooms....

Now, this is my entry way... of course.. as the name applies.. it is the first thing people see.. including, people at the door that aren't actually coming in... it... normally looks like a garbage holding spot... well.. I'm trying to change that.. it's still a work in progress... but I am rather proud of it at the time being...

The next thing people see is my kitchen.. which currently is clean, garbage free.. okay, loose garbage free... the garbage cans are in this room though out of sight. The dishes are all clean.. just need to go through my cabinets and clean and organize them... my goal date for that accomplishment is the 14th.. so a week from now... There is a lot of things that need to find a place.. most likely the storage room.. aka 3rd bedroom... but later down you will see why they aren't in there.
Next, pan left in my house, and you come to my living room.. my current pride and joy...  my desk needs to be cleaned off.. and it could use a good dusting on some things... but other wise... it is doing rather well.

Next in line is the hallway between my children's bedroom and the master bedroom... this space is small.. not really a hallway but yea.. its got 2 items... my laundry sorter and a poster from "Magic School Bus"

Pan right, my girl's room.. a room that is normally decent... my girls are rather good at picking up after themselves... thankfully... after this post, were going to go put their beds in there instead of the mat.

Then.. the SCARY room... It is dirty.. disorganized.. and just plain... wrong.. goal of tonight to have it clean.. crossing my fingers... this picture.. is purely to keep myself from letting it look like this again... a bit of a ... self scare tactic if you please...
The other scary room... which isn't as bad as it is big items disorganized... everywhere... is our storage room... it shouldn't be hard to get cleaned up but well... it will be exhausting... most of the stuff in there is NOT light... and the hubby is gone...

 yes... that is the box spring and mattress that will be going into my room... now you see why this is a have to get done room!

Now finally... the last room... the main/public bathroom... not the cleanest.. but at least it doesn't have junk.. just a potty chair and the mop/bucket that I need to dump...  as you can see... no tub... no divider... my master bathroom ( no pictures at this time) is the same way.... I think it ROCKS!

There you have it... please... try not to judge... I have come a long way... and I still have a long way to go... but now you have a basis of from which I'm starting my journey... even if these pictures were taken today ( sorry... didn't think to take pictures day 1!).


  1. No judgement. Unless thinking you are brave to share is judging. Thank you for the online comraderie!

  2. Thank you! It's nice to know I am not the only one... where I know that I'm not... it's always different when you put your own 'dirty laundry' out to hang!

  3. I think you're awesome!! I am inspired to keep blogging about my place and now have more than just an inspection to motivate me to get it cleaner tomorrow so I can post some new pics. Yes, it looks like an episode of hoarders came here to die (not quite) and I'd like to mark it off with crime scene tape BUT your place is NOT bad by any means!!

    Thanks so much for sharing your update and progress!! You've done a great job and your place looks like someone lives there - not an awful mess! Love your shower btw!
    xo, mo