Monday, November 7, 2011

Shoe oranization... and a cute little Korean trash can...

Ok.. typical to most Korean homes... We have a lowered entry area...I want to say the walk-able space is about a 5foot by 7foot space... this is where we store our shoes... but the only built in storage other than the 3 of them that are in our master bedroom.... keep in mind... yes... that means I have NO closets... at least not standard closets as Americans think of them as... ( and oh how I miss them!) Anyways, I finally got fed up with the row... more of a scattering, of shoes all over this space... it makes it look messy when we open the front door and a pain to walk thru with well.. anything, in hands... so... I did this...
I will take a better picture of this space tomorrow after I take out the odds and ends items i need to take down to the curb!..Oh.. and no the water bottles are no longer on it, see that bit of a dip in the middle... the morning after I woke up and it was worse! So, I moved them to next to it.. I need to take down a few shelves in one of the closets next to it and store them there.. on the upside... the shelf wasn't ruined and sprung back to shape.

Now... to my cute little find... Korea laws state that just about everything needs to be separated and recycled... including food scraps sense garbage disposals apparently aren't thought of out here... which is okay, it goes to a city wide compost, so it's useful! Needless to say... the little 5 litter bags that are for food.. are a pain to use... they never fill before they stink, and the idea of having a bag of possibly leaking food scraps in my fridge or freezer turned my stomach... and then... I found this! My little "PAC MAN garbage can"!

He sits in my fridge and eats up all the scraps happily! Did I mention its adorable to boot! Korea is filled with so many adorable storage/organizational tools.. I can't wait to be able to use them and actually USE them!

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