Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 9... Getting Somewhere Again.

You know your house is getting messy again... when your 5 year old announces you need to clean! I think that was my big motivator today... My daughter picked up the floor of their clothes and the random garbage they had running around... then helped me pull the few dishes I had sitting on the coffee table.. I rinsed everything out and into the food trap of the sink... I'll need to pick that up and dump it, but that is a "when I load the dishwasher" thing after dinner... it is icky so I personally try to avoid touching it more then necessary...

Next goals on the list to do today are to get the dish washer going and get a broom through the living room and kitchen. I know it will make a huge difference... The other goal for the night is to pack up the stuff that is getting picked up by buyers on Tuesday, push the TV to the couch we don't use instead of it being in the MIDDLE of the living room, and vacuum the space saver bag full of bedding and put that away in its appropriate closet in the master bedroom... It will over all make a huge difference and just might give me the motivation I need to do the rest of the house! we shall see!

Ok.. got a load in and out of the dishwasher.. a few bulkier items I will load and wash during the day... Got a bit of the house decluttered again... have a few loads of wash I need to do... hopefully I will pick at that one during the day tomorrow sense I want to rewash the few items that have been waiting to be picked up by their buyers... Will definitely need to mop tomorrow.. Lily decided to grab the cup of oil sitting on the counter and spilled it everywhere.. got most of it up but I have noticed little oily foot prints everywhere.. just don't have the motivation to keep going tonight but hey, at least I don't have a giant stack of dishes waiting for me.. and 15 minutes of picking random crud up can make a big difference in the way a house looks! 

I've come to the conclusion that my house will not look quite as good as I wanted it to for when the hubby returns.. but hey... as long as its clean... he knows I've been cleaning, but has no clue about the blog! He knows about the one with the kids that I made up so family back home can see some of what were doing ( sense were a good 8000 miles or something like that.. away). It will be interesting when he finds out.. I don't plan to tell him, but if he figures it out ( I sorta doubt it) it will be interesting to see how he reacts to me putting messy house pics up!

Well time for a bit of quiet sense the girls have finally crashed out. Soon off to bed! (Or knowing me... I'll be up so late I won't want to get up!)

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