Monday, November 21, 2011

MPM week 3...

Last week went rather well... not all the menu stayed on the same days... but hey... everything but the chicken and broccoli was made and eaten at one meal or another.. and that was replaced by todays menu item lol, suppose I should make up the chicken and broccoli for dinner tonight.... but regardless... a rather... unplanned menu this week say for Thursday, which of course, is Thanksgiving!

Monday- Either pork chops or steaks ( depending on what the chops look like at the store on sunday) veggie and either noodles or potato

Tuesday- cream of mushroom 'gravy' with hamburger... cooked in crock pot... over rice

Wed- Chicken noodle soup in crock pot

Thursday- Thanksgiving.... turkey needs to be picked up ( cost me $70.. but my oven doesnt fit a normal sized turkey... stovetop with crasions and apples... mashed taters, cream corn casesrole  and green bean caseerole... bread made the day b4... dessert.. TBA

Left overs doctored up for the rest of the week... turkey, potatoes, cheese make a wonderful kfc bowl style dinner or lunch.. add some corn or beans on the side... sandwiches... the likes...

Rather easy menu plan, hope to be able to stick to it... by the way, the chicken noodle soup will be just chicken broth, cubed chicken, some frozen mixed veggies, and some egg noodles added towards the end ( of course with your standard plethra of spices and herbs to season it!)

Menu Plan Monday brought to you by orgjunkie!

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