Sunday, November 13, 2011

The storage room...

Well, I finally got to doing it. It isn't completely done... yet.. I still have all the spaces with the spiders left to get to.... I have a "do I gotta" attitude going on... yes... I could wait till next weekend and get the hubby to do it.. he would laugh but do it...  Or... I could muster up the guts and finish it myself and have some bragging rights ( especially sense I had asked him to do it before.. per normal.. several times... and of course.. it always gets put off... hey, I never said I was the ONLY one in my house with problems!) On top of that, I have a bunch of things... like the girl's bikes... which they got to ride around outside for a bit today, a chair, a car seat, and Xmas presents... wrapped of course!

The TV is now gone as well.. $180 in my pocket and no more TV in the middle of the living room! Still need to do dishes today, but that is just unload and load... I think I'll pick at the store room a bit more tonight then do the dishes and call it..

MPM didn't go again tonight... I ended up spur of the moment meeting a lady outside to look over... well more sniff over... Scentsy products... Ended up ordering some Korean food for dinner... which is just as healthy as if I had made the thawed chicken breasts in the fridge...

Overall, not a bad day.. but not a great day either... I'm several days behind what I had hoped to be when I started this... but I do have to admit, at least my house looks better than what it did a few weeks ago.. even if it has slipped sense I took the pictures. Regardless, I can't wait for the hubby to get home on Tuesday!

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