Thursday, November 24, 2011


Ok.. I'm panicing! Hubby is at work... I've got roughly an hour... little over... till the guys show... my living room and table are still a mess! Granted, not as BIG of a mess.. but a mess! On the other hand the stuffing liquid is ready to go... the potatoes are trying to boil...  gravy will be last minute.. I wanna get the table cleaned off so I can make a pretty spread... yea you get the point... So... I am taking a smoke break.. I need to chill ( or else I wouldn't be typing this!) Luckily the girls are helping... well my eldest is helping the youngest is unhelping! I don't think that is a word... but it is today darn it! Well.. only a few puffs left so I am gonna go take a few seconds to woosah and then get back at it.

Well.. I had to play the "stash" game in the end, but the house is decent... the feast was good... turkey wasn't worth $70 but it was one less thing I had to worry about! Forgot to take a pic of it though... sorry.  Well.. going to try to drown out the guys and their odd sense of humor.

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