Monday, November 14, 2011

Menu Plan Monday offical week 2...

Okay,  hopefully this week will go better... I made about 50% of the meals that I planned, just not per say on the day I planned them to be! It is coming to my realization that this will be harder to get used to then I thought it would be... does everyone struggle with it at first? Or is it my messy/lazy ways that are keeping me from being able to keep with the plan?

Monday -Grilled cheese ( the bread is good still...)

Tuesday- Steak, Steak fries, random veggie ( hubby gets home and probably not till late so I can make it up for the kids and I ( or feed them something else earlier.) also this will be shopping day so they will be fresh!)

Wednesday- Quiche ( from last week) hubby loves this and we haven't had it in ages!

Thursday- Chinese Chicken and Broccoli with Rice... the hubby's favorite and well all of us love it too!

Friday- Spaghetti with hamburger (I normally just use pasta and sauce because I don't want to get the meat cooked and drained... Not anymore!)

Saturday- Pantry day... Aka whatever we have running around the house.. my day to be a free
spontaneous cooker... maybe this will help me stay on goal of following the rest of the week

Sunday- Either lunch or dinner will be left over freezer stew or eating out... we will go shopping this day so whatever time of day we choose to leave is the meal we will eat out

Hopefully I will be able to stick to this! If not at least I hope I can stick to it better than I did last week...

I have no preset day I will use the crock pot.. though probably the stew will get rewarmed in it due to zip lock bags don't like hot liquids..  and pantry day may be a crock pot meal... not sure...

I am linking this to orgjunkie for Menu Plan Monday


  1. it is hard to start menu planning. I did it for years and then quit for various reasons (having a baby and moving being the big ones) and am trying to get back into it. I usually just plan the meals and then that day decide what we are having. I find it easier and then we're not locked in to it but at least I have what we need to have for each meal. Your menu looks good and easy to stick with for the week.

  2. I've actually thought about doing that lol. Just keep forgetting.. Like for instance, yesterday.. we ended up ordering spagetti from the pizza place.. I wasn't feeling the greatest.. but for breakfast we had an egg sandwhich with a slice of cheese.. so technically I made it according to ingredients used... not sure if it counts or not though lol

  3. I've done it for so long I can't answer if it gets easier - what i do know is I play around with my menu all the time... After all, in theory, you've got seven meals to chose from during a week and nothing says Taco Tuesday has to be on Tuesday... Allowing yourself the freedom to play with your menu will likely lend itself to success! Good luck!