Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 5... Getting somewhere...

Well, I got the master bedroom decent... I plan to get at least 1 of the 5 objects in the room that is full of clutter, taken care of daily... by doing that it will help take care of the closet clutter as well!

Woke up and went "whoa" at all the stuff that got put out into the living room and entry to the kitchen, the sheets are all sorted out along the brown couch, the girl's bed mat is leaning against the counter... a few bags of donate and sell clothing.... I have a good handful of items I plan to sell from the store room, so the bags of clothing are not going anywhere... till I get that done... joy... I  REALLY don't want to do that store room!

I really don't WANT to do anything today... After getting my #1 goal done, the rest seems kinda... pointless... but I know that is not the case, it NEEDS to get done.. really.. it does, I have a handful of dishes in my sink, the whole house could use a good moping. The girls have managed to scatter a few random items around the house, but I have an idea to help teach them we don't just ignore it.

So... goals for today:
Pick up kitchen
Pick up living room ( these two tasks shouldn't take much more than 30 minutes)
Clean off one of the white storage shelves in master bedroom, put it into the closet and clean/organize it
Bake the gingerbread cookies that are STILL in my fridge!
Stick to my MPM dinner!
Do a few loads of laundry, most of it worn/used in recent days. I want a completely clean slate.
Scoop kitty litter
Start on the store room while trying not to kill myself... First thing to start, pull out the tuft boxes and start throwing the random TA50 back into it!

Well, time to go get at it. I'll up date later in the day... hopefully I get my full list of things done.

Ok... Today.. wasn't a complete failure, but it was nothing like I planned to do. Darn Facebook sucked me in. I ended up making a new flea market page for our area because of some issues with the current one, apparently everyone is loving it, and the basic set up was easy... but... that's a lot of adds... a lot of setting the rules and categories that were added on ( as well as putting some of my own, no longer wanted junk, up for sale!) 

What I did do... just loaded my dishwasher, rinsed out my sink and all of that fun stuff. The girls ran a load of their clothes today, it's in the basket for me to fold but I shall do that before I go to sleep. Got 2 pans of gingerbread cookies in... burnt the first one pretty bad...once again.. Facebook... I stopped, not wanting to burn more! I did thankfully get the one storage container cleared off, sorted, and wiped out with the help of my girls, got my closet section cleaned out, organized and everything is hanging or in its drawer! There is only the one basket of clothes to fold.. the girl's I mentioned. I do need to do a quick pick up in here before I crash out, so I suppose in some ways that counts as me picking up the living room... sense what is still in here is about to be taken care of, or is up for sale.

I didn't stick to the MPM today... there is only 2 things I can blame for that... Me, because I failed to look, and the bread, for molding overnight! So we ran down to the local Family Mart ( a little convince store here in Korea) for some Kim bap and some cheese bread. I was brave enough to buy some kimchi in hopes that it was mild like the one I got to eat down at the train station restaurant, and I forgot to even open it! I guess I'll make homemade Korean food for lunch some day coming up and enjoy it that way!  Either way, time to do those few things and crash, I've got a busy busy day tomorrow!

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