Friday, November 11, 2011

A fall back...

Ok.. this week has pretty much flopped... I have a good bit of cleaning to pick up all the rooms in my house... On the upside.. I've managed to sell a few things on the flea market page for the area... and got a few things ( card stock for making some Xmas ornaments.. our tree is bare other than some candy canes) and a space heater to lower the cost on gas... in theory if we don't use it too much it will be the cheaper alternative, especially in the next month and early spring.

MPM even flopped a bit, though not fully. Wed and today's plans flopped.. but yesterday I made up the beef stew from Wed. and there is even a bag of it in the freezer ready to be warmed up for the next time! Wed I was sick so we ended up eating cheese and crackers and popcorn.. not all that healthy but easy to do when you have a debilitating migraine! Tuesdays, as I mentioned in my last post, was caused due to the failure to notice the bread molded over night! Plan for tomorrow is to make the grilled chicken breasts!

Still need to go get my booty in the storage room. I keep putting it off... for several reasons.. even though the big screen is now out here in the living room ( had to take pictures of it to put it on the flea market page.. now its pending pick up on Monday so I didn't want to try to work around it in there... The bed is also in our room, which leaves plenty of space for the tuft boxes to go so I can just toss them in there and collect the boxes... I KNOW what has to be done, the motivation is lacking.. big time! On top of that I KNOW there are some spiders in there and after living at Fort Benning, GA for a few years... I have come to HATE spiders... luckily these look like a side version of daddy long legs, at least the 2 I've seen in there, the problem, they keep evading my swatter every time I see them!

I need to catch back up.. desperately! I have Thanksgiving less than 2 weeks away, and 2 days after that I am hosting a Temptations Party and will have a bunch of wives I have never met, in my home! (Sounds like fun huh!)

Facebook page for the flea market I created is going smoothly now... only a few adds a day and it so far seems to be moderating itself just fine.. I keep stressing how where I may have made it, it is a community site and the community should care for it, I am just here for stepping in if necessary. Everyone seems to love that idea as well.

So, now that that was accomplished, I made a page for the blog on facebook thanks to a recommendation from Cristin. Thank you, I have very much appreciated your input on all of this and I hope to see you there! (I hope the "like" on the side of the page works, if not it's "Messy Journey" on facebook pages) Hope to see some of you there! I have never made a page before so any advice is more than welcome!

Well, the kids are asleep and it is an early 8:40pm... but I think for one day this week I will go to bed early, get a good nights sleep, and hopefully get up early and give this all a running start! I'll hopefully be able to post some good news tomorrow night!

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