Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 2.... Laundry...And progress.... kind of...

I hate folding laundry! I hate putting it away!.... It's this never ending cycle, especially with kids, even more with young kids! I've spent a lot of time looking up for some of the "best systems".... Some I am even taking into account... but when it comes down to it, I just HAVE to do it... no ifs, ands, or buts! On the upside... I have done a ton of washing, drying and yes... even folding! ( I need to go tackle the sheet folding when I'm done typing away... just trying to find some sort of internal motivation.

On another subject... My girls have earned their dresser back.. well.. not really, I just really am sick of having their clothes in my room! So... with just little ole me I managed to take the 51 inch plasma T.V. off of the dresser... move the dresser to their room.. and slide the T.V. back into the store room... note... don't ever lift a 51inch T.V on your own... it can be painful... luckily only painful for me and not the T.V... I am thinking about selling it though... We brought it out here to Korea because we didn't think there would be a T.V in our place... needless to say, it has been in our storage room sense the packers brought it into our house... never plugged in! ( heck it could be broken for all I know!)

Last night I made 2 things for making tree decorations... I made a TON of play dough... colored and put into the 6oz plastic baby food tubs... that is a ton of kneading and I don't recommend it for anyone! The other was some egg-less gingerbread cookies... I haven't cut and baked them... maybe tonight if I get my sheets done fast enough... but they are rolled and chilled between wax paper sitting in the fridge waiting for me.

I decluttered a bit of the living room today... gotta finish that tonight/tomorrow... I know that I'm being sporadic and it probably isn't a good thing, but at the same time it keeps me from feeling as overwhelmed to some degree... but I have to admit I am making progress... I didn't mop the bathroom floor, but i scrubbed down all the surfaces in the bathroom this morning when I took a shower... and luckily the girls didn't mess it up really when they followed suit after I was done..

Well off to all those tasks I really don't want to do but I NEED to do them... aka finishing putting the dishes in the washer ( almost forgot to run it last night!) the laundry, and hopefully get some floor care in!

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