Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 1... The first step...

Ok, there is some major overhaul needing to be done... ive been picking at it the last few weeks only to end up falling on my butt with it when things got busy...

As of today my kitchen is clean... is it spotless... god no... it  never will be ( have you ever had shiny black cabinets... well i do... and a 3 and 5 year old... not to mention i bake... im sure you can imagine how bad it looks and out fast it gets that way!) I just finished sweeping and moping in there... other than a quick pick up sense the kids finished lunch, Ive got a pritty good control of it.

Daily tasks for kitchen... Empty dishwasher first thing in the AM... Load it last thing at night... quick wipe down of counters after lunch and after dinner when the kids go to bed. So far I've been doing that for the entire week and rather happy with myself for it... I now plan to every night run a wet swiffer pad over my kitchen to wipe up any light ickys and "sweep" it all at once... simplicity/multitasking are my best friends.

I need to do some baking today so not only will i have that mess to clean. i have the time taking to do it! I also need to get my living room cleaned up. Its not horrid... in fact its mostly clutter and a quick sweep an mop... I have a major problem here in South Korea... Storage space is a pain in the behind to find as its sooo limited... and not really ment for the sized things we have here! I am hoping tho in a few weeks to ask my Korean neighbor ( correction.. Korean-American ) to help me get one or two of the cute korean organizational things for the girl's room... that way their clothes and diapers and the likes can be in THEIR room instead of the limited household storage space! On an upside.. things here are cheap and adorable!

Daily tasks for living room are. spend at least 3- 5minute times taking care of any clutter in here ( and the rest of the house if this room is clear of it!) and to continue the swiffer straight into here from the kitchen!

Big goals for this week  is to get my bedroom and the store room clean/organized/decluttered.. they are horrid! And we are switching around beds again... When we got here our kids wanted nothing to do with their framed beds... sense korean beds are MUCH firmer than we like... we took the 2 twins and pushed them together for a king... 6 month later... it really is more annoying to me than comfortable.. so I spent some money at amazon and got a feather bed/memory foam combo topper and it should be here begining/mid next week.. sense I already must go on post wed. I am hoping it will be there.....  Tomorrow I have my wed baby sitter coming over to meet her.... so Im focusing on the viewable space of the house first!... The goal is to on tomorrow and sunday do my room.. its mostly clothes and organizers that are half empty...  then on monday and tuesday to tackle the store room... which will be rather interesting sense its just me here and some things are HEAVY!

On the upside, the public aka living room bathroom is clutter free for the most part. toilet needs a wipe down and floors need to be mopped tonight tomorrow... Korean bathrooms are weirdly cool so I will post a picture of that when i get done moping it up!

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